My name is Brandon Ford, my diving career began back in 2010 when I attended the Commercial Diving Academy in Jacksonville, Florida.  The Commercial Diving Academy is considered to be the toughest commercial diving school in the country, outside the U.S. Navy. I graduated the Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diving Program as the Valedictorian of class 0410 with a 94% overall average. 

   After school, I worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and then started diving in Oklahoma. I have dove for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, GRDA, AEP/PSO, City of Oklahoma City, Kimberly Clark and many other companies. I have experience diving power plants, refineries, factories, water towers, water treatment facilities, dams, locks, intake structures, golf courses and colleges. 

   I specialize in underwater search and recovery, salvage, underwater welding and construction and topside welding and structural fabrication.